Design of infinite objects!

Call for sustainable design, for young professionals!

We live in a frantic world, full of changes. As designers we advocate that the spirit of improvement always prevails. That is why this call exists, to change the throwaway culture. We believe that design has a lot to say, that is why, if you think you can “move back” to the consumption mode of the past and redesign products for eternity.

These are the opportunities that Toca Madera offers to the 30 selected!

 Training day 

Exclusive learning day around hardwood, and especially, red oak. Presentations, round tables and conferences where you can learn firsthand the qualities and characteristics of this material.

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 Exhibition in Madrid 

All the projects received will be exhibited in an open exhibition in Madrid. The entire selection committee, design studios and professional designers, as well as the media, will be invited to promote the work of all the participants. During the gala the 6 finalists will be selected

 Manufacture of prototypes 

The finalists will have the opportunity to work with the carpenter on their projects. This way they will be able to truly experience the wood, the manufacture and see their own project being carried out.

 €5.000 in prizes 

The 6 finalists will opt for cash prizes.

First prize: 3,500

Second prize: €1,500

Third Prize: €500

 Madrid Design Festival 

Throughout the Madrid Design Festival 2020 will take place the gala and final exhibition. A perfect setting to promote the designers who have participated in Toca Madera!

Designers promotion

All the activities we have organized are designed for the visibility of the participants. AHEC is an American association, so in addition to the national promotion, you will also have international visibility!

Media diffusion

Magazines and specialized design media will be invited to all the activities we are organizing. We want the greatest possible promotion of the work of the participating designers.


In each activity you will have time to exchange your contact details and create synergies with people from the design world. Design studios and professional designers will be invited, as well as media, that can help boost your career as a designer.