Toca Madera “infinite objects”

Toca Madera is a call for sustainable design that arises from the collaboration between AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council) and AIDI (Association of Industrial Design Engineering). It is an opportunity for young designers to create an object with material and functionality in mind, which shows society the change in mentality we need today to end the culture of throwaway and establish a more sustainable world through good design. The challenge for these young people was to design “infinite objects”, that is, objects that will last over time.

Toca madera finalist projects

These are the 8 final projects that were built and exhibited during the Madrid desing festival 2020.

The work of 11 designers who for almost a year were preparing and working alongside designers who are national and international references to develop their “infinite objects” for the Toca Madera call.


Cradle to Cradle




Rojo Furoshiki

Reinterpretar lo infinito

Taburete Barlovento

Red Oak

Know the journey of the finalists

Brainstorming // April 30th

Brainstorming // April 30th

Brainstorming // 30 AprilFrom the row above to the one below, from left to right: Pilar Marcos (Diseño Interior), Izaskun Chinchilla (Izaskun Chinchilla Architects), Soledad Hernandez (Dimad), David Venables (AHEC), Antonio Pinar (AIDI), Carlos Jiménez (Photo...

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