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Sergio Rodríguez Casado

Project Bailarinas

Bailarinas is a family of three spinning tops and a console table, designed for the reception area. On it we can leave the things we use every day, as if it were a big empty pocket, and interact with the dancers by creating games and rituals.

For example, every time we leave the house, making them spin, and thinking about the time it takes to fall if we have taken the necessary things to spend the day out of the house, do I have the keys? the wallet? We can also entertain ourselves by dancing with them while we wait for the person who is always late to finish changing…, or play with our children to tie their laces before they stop dancing.

Mortero de madera para granos

And when we get home, we spin them, leaving the bustle and worries of the outside world behind, while we immerse ourselves in the peace of our home.

From the beginning, the spinning tops were the protagonists, originally accompanied by three dishes on which they danced.

Its design is based on a circle in revolution that is sectioned by different lines, seeking harmony in the proportions.

Thanks to the support of Izaskun Chinchilla as mentor, the project evolved acquiring conceptual depth, the original plate gave rise to the console table, on which we can interact with the dancers creating games and rituals, leaving in it our objects of daily use and with them the rush and concerns.

Project life cycle assessment

Learn about the environmental impact of the entire manufacturing process of the 8 projects of the Toca Madera call. How much wood was used? What was its carbon footprint? Would it have been more efficient to build it in another country?

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Sergio Rodríguez Casado

Product Designer

Sergio Rodríguez Casado (León, Spain, 1997) is a Product Designer who graduated from EASD (Segovia) in 2019 and spent a year in Matosinhos ESAD within the Erasmus program in 2017. In 2019 he did an internship as product developer in the iconic furniture firm BD in Barcelona where he had the chance to know design from a technical office.

He is focused on product design from a point of view that combines industry and craftwork. Sergio looks for establishing a dialogue with objects and breaking conventional by contributing with new perspectives.

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