Brainstorming // 30 April

From the row above to the one below, from left to right: Pilar Marcos (Diseño Interior), Izaskun Chinchilla (Izaskun Chinchilla Architects), Soledad Hernandez (Dimad), David Venables (AHEC), Antonio Pinar (AIDI), Carlos Jiménez (Photo Alquimia), Olga García (AIDI), Daniel García (Woodendot), Cecilia Zavala (AIDI), Victoria de la Torre (AIDI), Nando Abril (, Elisa Cuesta (AIDI) y Alberto Vera (AIDI).

Since we started with this project, AIDI and AHEC wanted the challenge, to be honest, always respecting the work of the participants.

We wanted the call to have solid foundations, and create a challenge, not only engaging but also in line with the current trends. Currently, one of the problems in design calls is that the results are quite repetitive. We did not want more chairs, tables or lamps that all they do is reinforce the misconception of our profession. We want to give the participants the freedom to design, within the limits of the briefing, without imposing a specific theme.

Another important issue for us was the remuneration of the participants. We do not want to be another speculative call, we did not want to abuse of the designer´s job. Therefore, it was proposed that all the selected to participate have exclusive training and promotion.

To achieve all of this, it was necessary to organize a meeting with a group of professional designers with a long career and broad experience in the world of design. The personalities invited to this session were: Daniel Sánchez García de Woodendot, Pilar Marcos of Diseño interior, Izaskun Chinchilla of Izaskun Chinchilla Arquitectos, Nando Abril of Hecho.the company, Carlos Jiménez of PhotAlquimia and Soledad Hernández of D_IMAD

During the meeting, we discussed aspects such as: why should it be called a call and not a contest? Pointing out that in recent years, companies have tried to take advantage of young talents, offering contests to get almost free work for their companies.

In this same line, the brainstorming group decided that the designer, and the process of design, must be the center of attention. It means that the call must highlight each of the design stages and the work of the designers in each of the phases. Showing it as a promotional way to boost your career.

This type of call should be as transparent as possible, making sure that the information received by the participants is clear and does not lead to errors or misunderstandings. The brainstorming group defined the types of documents that will be delivered to the participants, the summary, the requirements, the evaluation criteria, etc.

Finally, and with all these elements on the table, the challenge has been delimited. A challenge that takes the attention of the participants on sustainability and the fundamental role that design has within this concept so in vogue in our society.

It was an intense day that fulfilled the objectives that we had marked, and that has allowed us to have a reliable basis where participants are the priority. We hope with this, we will get all the creative minds of the country, mobilize, so that they start and always think with the word sustainability in the head, and thus, innovative and transcendent ideas can arise.