Toca Madera is an invitation for all those creatives designers, which wanting to squeeze their brains, to solve the challenge that this call present. We must analyze how our society is imbued in the throwaway culture, and consider, as designers, our role in the change of mentality that must preponderate to establish a better world. The changes that happen in all areas that surround us are fast and constant, fashion, technology, film, work, etc., This leads directly to the short use of things, clothes, cars, mobiles, work mode, series, etc.

In these bases, you will discover everything you need to know about the call, the phases, the prizes and the times.

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We are looking for young professionals designers under 35 years old and residents in Spain who want to participate in this call. People desiring to learn, collaborate and, of course, design. Applications can be presented individually or collectively. In the case of groups, all the members of the group must satisfy the requirements and provide the necessary documentation.


2.1.- Theme

We must analyze how our society is imbued in the throwaway culture, and consider, as designers, our role in the change of mentality that must prevail to establish a more sustainable world. The changes that occur in all areas that surround us are fast and constant, fashion, transportation, technology, film, work, etc., This leads directly to the fleeting use of things, clothes, cars, mobiles, work mode, series, etc.


What is the challenge? The design of “infinite objects”, objects that persist across time.


2.2.- Technical requirements

All the solutions must satisfy the following requirements:

Sustainability: A justification why this product is sustainable.
Functionality: We advocate for the design of solutions: the proposal must provide a solution to a problem properly exposed.
Technical viability: The proposal must be able to be manufactured in a carpentry shop.
The dominant constituent material should be American red oak.
The designed solution must not exceed the following dimensions: 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm.
The proposal must be unpublished and developed throughout the time established in the phases of this call.
If the projects don’t accomplish any of these requirements they won’t be taken into account by the selection committee. This evaluation will be made by the organizing committee.


2.3.- Evaluation criteria

The evaluation will be divided into two phases: Verification technical requirements (see point 2.2) and a second in which a selection committee selected by the organizers will proceed to score the projects according to The following criteria:

These evaluation criteria are listed in order of relevance.

1. Technical, functional and conceptual innovation.
2. Adaptation to the challenge.
3. Functionality and utility.
4. Sustainability
5. Esthetic.
6. Design for the 5 senses: sensoriality.
7. Design process.
8. Presentation of the proposal.

The files for the evaluation of the technical conditions and the weightings of the selection criteria can be found in ANNEXES I and II. The 6 projects with the highest score will be the ones selected to pass on to the next phase.

ANNEX I: File for the evaluation of the technical requirements – First phase.
ANNEX II: Card for the weighting of the selection criteria – Second phase.

2.4.- Summary of the phases and dates of the call

Phase 1.- Reception and selection of portfolios: 05-13-19 to 06-16-19

* On June 19 will be announced the selected ones that will participate in the next phase of the call.

* In mid-June there will be a day of training in wood and design for the selected participants, aimed at offering training, speeches, etc. (day, place, speakers and schedule still to be determined, everything will be published on the web and sent by e.mail to the participants)


Phase 2.- Reception and selection of projects: 06-19-19 to 09-24-19

* From 06-19-19 to 06-23-19, the selected ones will have to send a signed acceptance document (ANNEX III), in PDF, showing their commitment to participate in the call, by email to the address info@convocatoriatocamadera. com.

ANNEX III: Acceptance of participation in the call
* At the beginning of October will be the exhibition of models in Madrid and the jury will select the 6 finalists. (day, place, speakers and schedule still to be determined, everything will be published on the web and sent by e-mail to the participants)

* On September 24 projects must have arrived at the AHEC Spain office. For logistical reasons, all projects that have not reached the address provided by the organization before September 24 will be excluded from the selection and will not be taken into account for the exhibition.


Phase 3.- Viability, wood donation, and manufacturing: 07-10-19 to 12-01-20

* The 6 finalist projects will be taken to manufacturing.


Phase 4.- Madrid Design Festival: February 2020

Phases and important dates

Phase 1: Reception and selection of portfolios + training day

From May 13 to June 16

After the launch and publication of the bases of the call on May 13, al the groups and people wishing to participate will have until June 16 to fill out and send the registration form available in the website The inscription must be accompanied by the CV of all *team members and a portfolio according to what is specified in point 5 of the bases. If a group is present.

*All team members must meet the requirements for the participants.

Once the deadline for receipt of portfolios is over, a committee established by the organizers of the call will select between 20 and 30 candidates who will go on to the next phase. The list of selected will be made public on June 19 by different communication channels. Those selected who wish to participate in the next phase must sign the acceptance document of participation that appears in ANNEX III and send it to before June 23. The non-acceptance of this document will mean the disqualification of the call. After that date and if there are available vacancies, the possibility of participating in the next candidate will be communicated according to the scores provided by the selection committee.

By the middle of June, all those selected who have accepted the participation document will be invited to an exclusive training day. You will learn from first hand the qualities and characteristics of American red oak from the hand of design personalities (designers, architects, senior creative …) and wood professionals. The day will be accompanied by networking sessions specially designed to favor the connection between participants, industry professionals, media and other designers and creatives (the date, time, speakers and place are still to be defined, as soon as the day is closed it will be made public by Social Media, the web of the call and emails to the selected participants).


Phase 2: Reception and selection of projects

From June 20 to September 24

Those who were selected will have until September 24 to send the proposal accomplishing what is specified in point 5 of the bases.

All the projects received will be exhibited at an open exhibition in Madrid (date and place still to be determined). On the day of selection, the selection committee, design studios, and professionals of the sector, as well as the media, will be invited to promote the work of all the participants in the call. During the opening gala of the exhibition, the committee will select the 6 finalists and their decision will be made public. The participants who were selected will receive an email confirmation.


Phase 3: Viability, wood donation, and manufacturing

From October 7 to January 12, 2020

There will be the first period of 1 month from October 7 to October 31 to review the viability of the finalist projects and to obtain donations of the wood necessary for manufacturing. From November 1 to January 12, 2020, the prototypes of the finalist projects will be manufactured by a specialized carpenter. The manufacturing costs of these prototypes will be paid by AHEC.

Starting in November, and according to a calendar that will be announced in a timely manner, the finalists will have the opportunity to work with the carpenter on their project, up to the limit where safety measures allow. In this way, they will be able to really experience the wood, the manufacture and see to carry out a project of their own. During the manufacturing of each prototype, the “inputs” (energy consumption, material consumption, etc …) necessary for its manufacture as well as the “outputs” (waste, etc …) will be recorded in order to subsequently analyze the life cycle of each prototype that will show its impact on the environment; an increasingly important data for prescribers of all types of products. In the event that the finalists are from outside of Madrid, transportation will be subsidized and accommodation will be provided.


Stage 4: Madrid Design Festival

February 2020

During the Madrid Design Festival 2020, the final TOCA MADERA gala will take place. It will be an exhibition of the entire process of the call, with the models sent and above all, an exhibition with the 6 finalist projects. All participants will be invited to attend and participate in the activities organized throughout the day. During the final gala, the committee will determine the winners of the call and proceed to the awards ceremony.


This initiative wants to differentiate itself from the other design calls, highlighting the entire design process and putting especially attention in the participating designers.

All the selected contestants will have:
An exclusive training day, on wood and design. This training will consist of lectures, round tables and a workshop with national and international personalities of design and wood.

An exhibition at the beginning of October of all the projects presented in the second phase.

The finalists also will have the opportunity to work with a carpenter in the manufacture of the prototypes, and the exhibition and final gala within the framework of Madrid Design Festival 2020.

In addition, AIDI and AHEC will give three cash prizes:

A first prize worth 3,500 €
A second prize worth € 1,000
A third prize worth € 500 

* In case any of the winning projects is composed by more than one person, the prize will be shared among them.

* In accordance with Article 75.2.c of the RIRPF, “prizes that are delivered as a result of participation in games, contests, raffles or random combinations, whether or not linked to the offer, are subject to withholding or payment on account. or sale of certain goods, products or services. ” Exceptions are prizes whose retention base (amount) does not exceed 300 euros (article 75.3.f of the RIRPF). For those who exceed this amount, the percentage of withholding on the prizes is 19%, as provided in article 101.7 of the LIRPF, or the applicable withholding tax depending on the employment relationship if it exists between the person delivering the prize and who receives it.

In the event that the winners were people who did not have their tax residence in Spanish, the retention would be 24% or 19% (for tax residents in EU countries and Norway and Iceland) (article 25.1. a of Royal Legislative Decree 5/2004, of March 5, approving the revised text of the Law on Non-Resident Income Tax), except if there is a double taxation agreement between Spain and the country of residence tax of the participant that establishes something else. To prove their residence, the winner must provide a certificate of tax residence issued by the Treasury of the country in question.

In order for the prize to have irregular income status, it should be shown that it has been generated in a period exceeding two years.

Items to be delivered

The project must include:

A maximum of two A3s in cardboard, 10mm thick, horizontally on one side, including:
Sketches and renderings of work (with quality for printing, 300 dpi and 20 cm high)
Some plans (Top, floor, side view and isometric) with the general construction details.

– A scale model.
– A memory that includes:
– The description of the project
– Instructions for use
– The cutting plan of the design
– Needs of wood.

The USB that should include:
The report with the description of the project, the instructions for use, cutting plans and needs of the wood in pdf.
All the graphic material. The sketches, render and drawings in .jpg files, and the assembly of the pens in pdf.
* All this will be sent to the attention of Carlos Kasner (Calle Saavedra Fajardo 9, 1ºA, 28011, Madrid, Telephone: 636 903 873. E-mail: Shipping costs on behalf of the author.

The works must be sent well protected to avoid deterioration and in time for them to arrive before September 24 (included). The model must be sent properly assembled and protected. Neither AHEC nor AIDI are responsible for the state in which the projects arrive, nor for if they arrive out of time. On the outside of the package should include “TOCA MADERA: Convocatorai de diseño sostenible” and a slogan that will serve to identify the project. Under no circumstances should any contact data be included abroad that can identify the project with the author. Within this package, in a sealed envelope with the same slogan abroad, a document with the particulars of the participant (name, address, mobile phone, email address, etc.) as well as a statement signed by the author must be included. stating that the submitted work is original and unpublished until the jury’s decision is made public. None of the graphic media that is delivered must include any name or data of the author. The name of the USB should be the chosen theme.

Selection committee

Nacho Lavernia de Lavernia&Cienfuegos

Antonio Serrano de MadLab

Izaskun Chinchilla de Izaskun Chinchilla Architects

Isabel Roig de BCD

Soledad Hernández de DIMAD

María Fontes de Nude

Marcelo Leslabay de Experimenta

Pilar Marcos de Diseño Interior

David Venables de AHEC 

Alberto Vera de AIDI

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This committee is empowered to resolve on aspects not contemplated in these bases as well as all the issues that may arise as a result of this call.


Competitors may protect their design by patenting them before delivery and publication. The design will be the exclusive property of the author of it.

The graphic material and the texts presented may be reproduced by AIDI or AHEC in publications and/or magazines, and/or presented at exhibitions (always naming the author and the contest).

The owner of the prototypes is AHEC. AHEC would reproduce it and move it through other exhibitions and activities that it considers appropriate, always around the areas of design, wood, architecture, etc. (always naming the author and the contest). If at any time, any of the selected or the AIDI team would like the prototype to present it in an exhibition, it can be requested and the loan will be considered, provided it is properly insured (always naming the author, owner, and the contest).

Legal issues
  • The decisions of the juries are final.
  • Participation in this call implies acceptance of these bases.
  • After the exhibition of Madrid Design Festival in February 2020, all the models and graphic elements will be returned to their authors, upon request of the author before March 9, 2020. The cost of return will be borne by the author. After March 9, 2020, if there has been no express request for return by the author, it will be considered that he renounces his return.