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Irena Ventsislávova

Project Cooplay

“what we loved as children, we will end up protecting as adults”

Cooplay is a game for children composed of six figurative worlds (modular tables) to explore through experimentation and imagination. It is a catalyst for free play in the early learning age, a strongly sensitive and motor stage.

Mortero de madera para granos

According to Simon Nicholson’s theory of loose parts, “the creative potential of a space is directly proportional to the number of objects in it”.

Under these premises, Cooplay promotes play through the objects of the environment, overcoming the economic and spatial barriers of the natural playground. It is a tool for parents and educators, adaptable to any space, capable of generating free, creative and experimental play situations.

Cooplay arises as a response to the loss of contact with nature and the excessive consumption of toys during childhood.

The initial proposal, inspired by a childhood like the ones before it, develops an object that adapts to the exterior space to promote the experience of playing in nature, without rules and without prohibitions. The evolution of Cooplay was marked by the term imagination, an intrinsic capacity of our childhood that makes it possible to give value to the most insignificant object.

As a result, Cooplay worlds are a proposal for through which children develop their imagination by establishing the necessary bridges and emotional ties with their surroundings, to give value to a basic idea: “what we loved as children, we will end up protecting as adults”.

Project life cycle assessment

Learn about the environmental impact of the entire manufacturing process of the 8 projects of the Toca Madera call. How much wood was used? What was its carbon footprint? Would it have been more efficient to build it in another country?

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Irena Ventsislávova

Interior Architect and Political Scientist

After my studies in Political Science at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in 2013 I started an Interior Architecture Degree at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, which I finished in 2017 with honours in my final project.
During these years I developed different interior design projects and participated in projects for IFEMA, Mulafest and DecorAcción.
Among my outstanding pieces are the RT12 shelf and the Twin bench. With them I explore, within product design, how an everyday object is capable of generating spatial situations that reproduce and multiply, just like our social relations.
Currently, thanks to these years of experience in the world of design and my interest in the area of social design, I am exploring different paths of development within critical design. In my work I aim to reflect on the simplicity of a common way of life and generate experiences that show how fascinating the most everyday objects can be.

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