From Cradle to Cradle

 designed by  

María Ruiz de Elvira Nadal
Celia Martínez Otaduy
Daniel Romero Pérez


From Cradle

to Cradle

With its timeless aesthetics, a sustainable and durable material like American red oak, and its strongly defined but soft lines, Cradle to Cradle is ready not only to stand the test of time, but to increase in its “value” as you live your history with it.

We started by asking ourselves what an infinite object it was to us. From the beginning we related it to a concept: the emotional bond of it. We took an object as emotional as the cradle and tried to think how this could be infinite, from the first sketches and models to the final concept.

Although the concept was clear to us, the shape of our object changed during the process, when after the mentoring we were given a new challenge: to break with the traditional cradle of bars and rethink from 0 to the 21st century.

First a cradle, then two chairs and back to the cradle to start again. It is a traditional object that is reinvented throughout its life to accompany the user during the different stages of his or her life, adapting to his or her needs at every moment.

Cradle to Cradle tries to break with the consumerist mentality by becoming an infinite object. In this way, it will pass from generation to generation emphasising the emotional link with the user, history and trans-generationality.

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Project life cycle assessment

Learn about the environmental impact of the entire manufacturing process of the 8 projects of the Toca Madera call. How much wood was used? What was its carbon footprint? Would it have been more efficient to build it in another country?

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Design studio

Mor_design started when we met studying industrial design and product design in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). During this time we participated together in other design contests  and in our uni’s design association ETSIDI DESIGN, a design, tch and culture blog and a plataform where make succesfull design projects. After university we have taken different paths, which allows us to mix different points of view, from user centred design and service design to quality management in projects and innovation programs, including the conceptualisation and materialisation of products.

María Ruiz de Elvira Nadal

I graduated from industrial design in the UPM in Madrid. As I was finishing my degree I started learning towards user-centred methods and design based on experiences. This led me to apply for an internship in service design in Designit , where I now work participating in projects designing both services as well as products.

Maria Ruiz de Elvira Nadal


Daniel Romero Pérez

I started my education in industrial design engineering and product development at UPM, where I quickly became interested in the world of design in a more multidisciplinary way and started to participate in etsididesign. In 2017 I started my period as president of this association, carrying out numerous projects in the field of design.

I am currently continuing my studies in Product Design at ESDMadrid and carrying out personal projects in parallel.


Celia Martínez Otaduy

After graduating in Industrial Design and Product Development, I started working developing Business Intelligence applications for Alstom. Currently, I work in the quality management of projects and innovation programs in the transport and sustainable mobility field.

Celia Martínez Otaduy

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