Reinterpretar Lo Infinito

 designed by  

Jaume Molina López

Project Reinterpretar lo infinitp

an infinite object is the one that appears first in our most distant memories. That’s why this chair is so, because time will pass and whenever I navigate through my memories, it will appear linked to my childhood.

Mortero de madera para granos

Enea chair

This chair has been chosen because it reflects the concept of the infinite object and the qualities attributed to it, reinterpreting it, adapting it to the current social, cultural and aesthetic contexts and trying to unite the classic manufacturing processes with the use of modern machinery so that it can become the object of new memories for its user.

In this reinterpretation I has been decided to subtract the protagonism of the materials and give more prominence to the shape of the chair, since, when we look for the image of the chair in our memory, what appears is a figure with a very specific shape, which makes it recognizable in front of all the others.

The legs, maintain the aesthetic essence of the chair. They are cylindrical and end, in the case of the back legs, with a wooden ball on top. The variation appears in the angle of the legs, in the traditional chair they are at 90 degrees and in this model they are angled to favour ergonomics.

The rectangular backrest replaces the typical crossbars. In this way we place an element that is modern in manufacture but simulates the aesthetics of the original elements and, due to its shape, gives the whole a sensation of lightness and modernity.

En el asiento, se ha eliminado la enea y se ha sustituido por un tapizado con un patrón trenzado, dándole el mismo protagonismo a la base que al tapizado.

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Jaume Molina López

Technical Engineer in Industrial Design

After more than five years working in the audiovisual industry, participating in television programs and events for channels as RTVV, TVE, Telemadrid, Eurosport … decides to resume his studies and begin the Degree in Technical Engineering in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic University From Valencia, in which he graduated in 2015. After finishing his studies he began to design his own pieces of furniture which are selected for different international fairs.

​Functionality, aesthetics and formal simplicity are the main qualities that describe his design. His objective is to create pieces that have their own personality and that generate a dialogue with the user, becoming in something more than an object.

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