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Fernando Hernández Castellón

Project SAN

Sharing a story is what makes it live on. Meeting for coffee is, today, the moment we use to share those stories. So the purpose of the project is to merge coffee with history. The design will talk about the origin of its appearance and the elaboration process used in the past, while maintaining functionality.

San is a collection of objects for the conservation and manual transformation of spices and grains, formed by a box with two compartments, a mortar and a scale.

Mortero de madera para granos


The tradition that surrounds coffee and the way in which we relate to each other, inspires us to create a project that generates experiences and esteem for the time dedicated to drinking coffee.

Storage box

The project begins with the design of a box and a mortar for the conservation and transformation of the coffee bean.
Later, both pieces are resized and the box acquires a new compartment.


The collection is completed by incorporating a scale to measure the quantities. This set generates a pleasant experience during the elaboration of the coffee.

The origin of coffee is located in Ethiopia. Among the elements used in the jebena buna, Ethiopian coffee ceremony, two objects useful for functional development are extracted: a case to keep the coffee beans and a mortar.

The shape is linked to its roots, inspired by two of the most important monuments in the country: Arat Kilo and Beta Girorgios.

Project life cycle assessment

Learn about the environmental impact of the entire manufacturing process of the 8 projects of the Toca Madera call. How much wood was used? What was its carbon footprint? Would it have been more efficient to build it in another country?

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Volume of red oak (kg)


Replacement rate (seconds)


Total carbon footprint (kg co2 eq.)


Fernando Hernández Castellón

Product Designer

My name is Fernando Hernández and I am a designer specialized in products. During my formative years, I carried out several projects for an interior design studio, which allowed my vision of design to evolve. I acquired a series of knowledge such as planning a project, generating the planimetry for the effective execution of the designs, dealing with the trades and craftsmen…

After this experience, Oporo studio was born, a collaboration plan with another designer for the elaboration of common projects. In this stage, I develop new team skills, working on graphic sections, product photography, 3D printing and packaging.

Now, I would like to keep growing and, to do so, meet new professionals with whom I can be part of a team where I can learn new techniques, procedures and skills.ández-castellón

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