Taburete Barlovento

designed by  

Andres Mariño Maza


Taburete Barlovento

We live in a throwaway culture, we establish fleeting and short relationships with objects that come in and out of our lives just like that, products that have not managed to captivate us or fall in love enough to survive our next move or change of humor.

Mortero de madera para granos

The idea of Barlovento arises from the traditional craft techniques of boat building, a trade in which the wood was bent to achieve aerodynamic and efficient shapes, making better use of the grain of the trees.

Mortero de madera para granos

They created strong but light sahpes that unite beauty and function, in constant conversation with the sea and wind, forced by the efficiency of resources.

It is conceived as a flexible system that allows for different configurations of seat and textile material, total height and height of footrest. The seats can be woven in natural rope or with an upholstered wooden cover.

Project life cycle assessment

Learn about the environmental impact of the entire manufacturing process of the 8 projects of the Toca Madera call. How much wood was used? What was its carbon footprint? Would it have been more efficient to build it in another country?

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Volume of red oak (kg)


Replacement rate (seconds)


Total carbon footprint (kg co2 eq.)


Andres Mariño Maza

Architect and designer

Maza is a Spanish architect and designer raised in Washington, DC. In 2018 Andres launches MARINOMAZA Studio, a design firm focused on developing unique furniture, lighting and Architecture.


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